Parent Partnership


Parent(s) play an intrical role in any of the plans and solutions that are development from the enhanced assessments.


EMI Team


The vision of the leader compels members of the organization to share an image or philosophy. Use the vision daily to assess whether it is being use on a daily bases. Use organizational management and leadership communication as part of EMI.

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Academic and Behavior Interventions that Empowers!!!


We understand that children are individuals and can require a specialized plan of action to deal with there own situation. That's why at Steve West Ltd we take a mutli-pronge approach to dealing with each case either for the individual school, classroom, family and of course the individual child.Read More



Comprehensive testing evaluating behaviors to understand impact on academic performance in the classroom, home and general public

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Assessed test results are reviewed and broken down into categorical segments of identifiable behaviors, after which detailed be-havioral plan isdeveloped.

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Strong emphasis will be placed on applying these behavior plans to the academic process, working closely with teachers and parents.

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