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Dr. Stevens holds a discussion with Rodney Ellis (N.C.A.E. President)and Roy Cooper (Attorney General) during the Summer Leaders conference in Raleigh, North Carolina.


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As an inner city school with a majority population of Aftican-American and Hispanic children from mostly proverty areas, our schools has an extremely large potential for violence - not auto-.

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Welcome to Steve West Limited, the newest online source for quality psychological services and support. At Steve West we put the success of the child first in all that we do. With over 25 years in the school educational system and a Doctoral Degree in Educational Psychology we have the partnerships, resources, and desire to meet the education goals and needs of your child or learning institution.Read More


Partners and Volunteers

Establishing a game plan for expanding learning opportunties for childern in North Carolina.

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Judge costumes WSFCS

Downtime during an Event for WSFS. Dr. Stevens and Dr. Don Martain judge costumes.

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Field Trip to State Capital

Dr. Stevens leads a school field trip to the State Capital to give children a chance to see goverment up close.

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